CSC495:693 Virtual Reality

This course will give an overview of virtual reality (VR) devices, applications, methods and techniques with a focus on the design and development of immersive user experiences. The course will have theoretical and practical components where fundamental topics will be taught, and programming practice will be gained in class. Students will complete projects throughout the semester involving the design and development of virtual reality applications contemplating various aspects of the discipline. The student should have knowledge of computer programming. For graduate students, familiarity with statistical methods consistent with graduate student status in computer science is expected.

Course taught on:

  • 2023: Fall
  • 2022: Fall
  • 2021: Spring
  • 2020: Spring
Regis Kopper
Regis Kopper
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

My research interests include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR), user experience, training , Applied XR research in domains such as Public Safaty, Healthcare, and Nutrition